Do you fantasize about a sex life that is so intense that it curls your toes just thinking about it? Would you love to know how to feminize your husband and make him beg for more, and more and more? If so, read on.....

"Who else wants to lead a more exciting sex life, feel more like a powerful woman, and experience intense sexual arousal?"

So you want to make your husband your feminine slave? Keep reading to discover the secrets of feminizing your man. It's easier than you think - and it's a lot of fun

Are You Ready To Finally Learn How to Feminize or Sissify Your Husband and Make True All Your Dreams Listed Below?

bullet  Husband Petticoating.... 

bullet  Husband Feminization.... 

bullet  Husband Humiliation.... 

bullet  Pegging Your Husband.... 

bullet  Even Sissy Husband Punishment and have him beg for more .... 

breakup guru Take note: If you really want to improve your life in the bedroom - and elsewhere - read on. After all, life is for living…and your life should be for living it your way!

Dear Friend,

Don't take what I'm saying the wrong way. I'm not here to criticize your sex life. And I'm certainly not accusing you of having a bad relationship with your man. That's not the point. What I want to show you is that you can make your sex life even better - and improve your life as a whole.

And here's another thing I want to be clear about:

Feminizing your man is an arousing experience that feeds your desire to dominate. But your man can get as much out of the experience as you…

You'll soon realize this when you start reading the techniques and strategies I want to share with you. Some women think they may lose their husband or partner if they even suggest feminization. Or they're concerned that feminization leads to poor sex - or none at all.

I understand these worries. And it's part of my mission to show that these concerns are groundless.

"When you start talking about feminization to your man,
you'll be amazed how quickly he agrees to it."

Your husband or partner can surprise you. Tens of thousands of women across the world are finding that men adapt easily to feminization.

Why? Because:

* They crave submission
* They want to be a sex slave
* They're willing to do your absolute bidding

Secret #1 - Men Really Want To Be Your Sex Slave

It's all about letting them be bad little boys - and getting rewarded for it. I'm not here to insult anyone, but I will be honest with you; most men secretly love it when their wives dominate them! They may enjoy the immense sexual pleasure that can be had, but are too unsure of how to approach their wives with these desires.

Secret #2 - Becoming the Type of Woman That Controls Her Own Sex Life Deepens Your Chances of a Successful Marriage!

Your unspoken unhappiness with your current sex life can very well be working against you and your marriage, and not in your favor. You may unknowingly be making a major mistake without ever giving your husband the choice to make you happy. Stop wasting your time doing things the 'conventional' way and bring some unique excitement to you and your husband, and create a happier, more satisfying marriage!!!

If you don't ever take a chance at true happiness, how can you say that you have lived your life to its fullest?

Yes, men really do enjoy the game of submission!

They realize there's nothing to be ashamed of. They see your heightened sexual pleasure, and they find themselves aroused in ways they didn't think possible. This is why men grab feminization with both hands.

"When you feminize your man, you can start to become your true sexual self. And your husband or partner will feel the same way…and he will THANK YOU!"

(*HOT TIP: Want to know more about the way men secretly feel about feminization? See actual comments from men throughout my report, Beyond The Threshold: A Woman's Guide to Feminizing Her Husband [see below to read this report])

The problem, of course, is how to start. How do you raise the subject with your man? And once you do, how do you start feminizing him? And just as important, how do you develop the feminization process so that your sex life reaches and stays at a level you only ever dreamed about?

These are questions that demand answers. And I'm delighted to say that I can provide them.

I've worked hard to study the feminization of men and the ways in which women can benefit. I've examined the ways you can achieve sexual nirvana with your husband or partner by employing plans and easy-to-learn skills. Above all, I've looked at this in a way that guarantees you excitement and fun.

"Feminization is a process of discovery. It's also about enjoying yourself in new and incredibly stimulating ways…"

I'm not going to pretend to you that I found the answers about feminization quickly or easily. Sure enough, some were obvious, but many others were a lot more subtle. Let's face it, we're dealing here with human beings and their most intense pleasures…

But as I say, I'm happy to reveal that I now have the answers. And they're available for you in my eBook:
Beyond The Threshold: A Woman's Guide to Feminizing Her Husband (A Guide to Husband Feminization)

"When you feminize your man, your sex life and your general life improve. How can you ignore this simple fact?"

The benefits of feminizing your man speak for themselves. I don't need to sell them to you.

Your sex life becomes more exciting. I want to repeat that I'm not here to tell you your sex life is bad at the moment. But do you feel it could be better? Do you believe you're not fulfilling your true sexual potential? Are you using just a fraction of the remarkable sexual power within you?

You'll feel more like a woman. I know this may sound odd. How, you may ask, does feminizing your man make you become more of a woman? The answer is simple: Feminizing your husband or partner liberates you. You no longer follow the sexual identity that society has imposed on you. You see yourself, and your man, in a different light.

You give true expression to your desire to be dominant. You may have the upper hand in your relationship. Or if you don't, you may wonder why you shouldn't have the chance to be dominant. Either way, domination is arousing. It fills you with a feeling of sexual potency. And one of the best ways of achieving this feeling is the feminization of your man.

You have the most fun and excitement you've ever experienced in the bedroom - and elsewhere. If you don't have fun and excitement, what sort of life are you leading? Why deny yourself the opportunity to enjoy life to the full? And when I say 'life', I don't just mean your sexual life. I'm referring to every aspect of your existence. When you start feminizing your husband or partner, life really does take you in directions that can bring you tremendous happiness.

"Your personal sexual development matters.
It helps make you a whole person…"

Read my eBook, Beyond The Threshold: A Woman's Guide to Feminizing Her Husband You'll soon understand why I think of it as a personal development manual. It shows you how to develop your relationship with your man in such a way that you and he both experience incredible joy.

What's more, this pleasure doesn't fade. You can build on it and improve it still further. My eBook shows you exactly how to do this.

"This eBook isn't just an easy-to-read, practical guide. It's a ticket to a level of fulfillment you never thought possible…"

Beyond The Threshold: A Woman's Guide to Feminizing Her Husband contains valuable advice, tips, techniques and strategies that will amaze and delight you.

The contents include chapters such as:

Steps to husband feminization
Husband training
Husband discipline
Husband punishment
Make your husband your slave
Humiliated cross-dressed husbands or sissy husbands
Husband diaper punishment
Wife ties up husband

And more…

And to show how the various techniques and strategies work in real life, I've included special story chapters:

Sissy husband story
Feminized husband story
Husband humiliation story

With these stories, you can see how women have successfully used the techniques given in my eBook. They have turned their sex lives into dynamic, liberating and exciting adventures.

"This ebook is a must-buy. No woman should be without it."

I'm currently able to offer Beyond The Threshold: A Woman's Guide to Feminizing Her Husband for the introductory price of just


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and graphic dialogue which some may find offensive)

I'm giving you all the information and stories within the eBook for such a great price because I want as many women as possible to benefit.

Why shouldn't all women have the chance to own the secrets to feminizing their men?

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Real Men Wear Bras (When You Tell Them To…!) is the perfect companion volume to
Beyond The Threshold: A Woman's Guide to Feminizing Her Husband. It gives you further great insights into the feminization process.

The chapters include guidance on:

Dominant women and submissive men
Arousal control
Sadism and masochism
Sex Toys for Boys
Transsexual relationships

And more…

Buy Beyond The Threshold: A Woman's Guide to Feminizing Her Husband now for just $24 and let me give you a copy of Real Men Wear Bras (When You Tell Them To…!) absolutely free.

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"NOW it's FINALLY Time to STOP Being an Unhappy Passive Partner in Your Relationship, and Make Your Sex Life and Your Love Life EXPLODE WITH ALL THAT PENT-UP PLEASURE!...."

Isn't it about time that your wishes were important enough to come true?

Introducing these 2 ebooks that will EXPLODE your sex life....

"The Husband Feminizing eBook Set"


Two EASY To Understand and follow pdf reports to feminizing your husband and EXPLODING YOUR SEX LIFE

eBook  1

Beyond the Threshold: Understanding - what husband feminization and humiliation is truly about; and how to achieve the ultimate sexual domination in your sex life!

BONUS: eBook 2

Real Men Wear Bras (When You Tell Them To!): Super Feminizing Tactics - Discover the ultimate tips and techniques to bringing your partner to his knees - in loving awe of you!

The POWER Can Be In YOUR Hands!

The "Husband Feminizing eBook Set" will provide you with the
Precise Formula
you need to start making your sex life both EXPLOSIVE and PLEASURABLE for both of you for years to come!

Here's a brief inside peek of what you'll find inside the "Husband Feminizing eBook Set"...

Husband Feminizing eBook 1 - Beyond the Threshold: A Woman's Guide to Feminizing Her Husband

You'll learn all my powerful secrets of training him to be your sex slave, plus learn valuable insights into the history of feminized husbands, cross-dressing and dominant women!

A peek inside Beyond the Threshold...

Want to control your man's arousal and climax? Find everything you need to know on page 23 including the secret to controlling a man's pleasure through his orgasm
What is the one 'training tactic' you can do that will add eagerness and sexual excitement to your husband? Find out on page 27!
Learn about the sex toys that bring the most deliriously, glorious gratification. This eBook devotes a whole chapter to the subject
Interested in the ultimate feminization process? Page 56 reveals all!
Discover on page 7 the vital steps to making your husband feminine - and to bringing you extraordinary satisfaction.
Learn on pages 11 - 16 the key must-have strategies that turn you into his queen and mistress
Ever wonder how you can achieve incredible, sustained pleasure? Read pages 19 and 20 and learn how a well-disciplined husband will do whatever you want
See page 24 to discover how to turn your man into your sexual slave
Learn on page 32 the secret sex play techniques that make your man totally dependent on you
Want to know how to maximize your pleasure by tying up your man? Read pages 34 - 35
Want to know how to take him like a man? We reveal the exact method to you on page 39!
Ever wonder how to make your bad, naughty little hubby eager to be feminized and humiliated? Now you'll know why when you read our explanation starting on page 49.
Learn how to stimulate the man's g-spot - a must have, valuable tactic for 'rewarding' him with explosive gratification that will make him willingly be your slave for evermore...can be found starting on page 41.

Husband Feminizing eBook 2 - Real Men Wear Bras (When You Tell Them To...)
Every thing you need to know to feminize your husband, from petticoating to sucking your toes, fun and sexy punishment to the ultimate in rewarding him and keeping him your slave!

But this is just the tip of the iceberg! There is so much more to share with you! Things like...

Is your husband being a bad, little boy? Discipline him until he begs for more! Check it on page 19.
Want to know how to make your husband look forward to being your slave? We'll give you the steps on page 24 - 25.
Into husband petticoating? Learn the tricks on page 30.
What easy method to teaching him submission will keep him begging for more? Find out on page 17!
Plus three great, sexy stories to get you started!

And a little extra to wrap it all up...

I'm happy to give you this guarantee because I'm confident you'll benefit from Beyond The Threshold: A Woman's Guide to Feminizing Her Husband and Real Men Wear Bras (When You Tell Them To…!).

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Dakota Tavera, with Lacuna Paladin (A Universe of One)

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